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Valentine's Leather Golf Grip


The Valentine's Leather Golf Grip

  • Special seasonal offering in red, with pink stitching.
  • Available on Valentine's Day.
  • Handmade by BestGrips in the USA.

A Limited Edition MicroPerf Leather Golf Grip

The MicroPerf Leather Golf Grip is made from a perforated piece of top grain leather (cowhide) that we cut, dye, size, protack, and hand-stitch onto a slip-on core. This process gives you the performance benefits of leather, with the ability to install like a modern golf grip. Our Club Grips are all reduced taper and offered in 3 sizes: Undersize, Standard, and Midsize. While grip sizing is dependant on many factors (butt size of the shaft, gripping style, etc.) we generally recommend you use your glove size as a starting point.