Orders are delayed 3 weeks due to COVID and increased demand.

BestGrips is currently mourning the passing of Harry.

"Made by BestGrips in Texas"

BestGrips is dedicated to making genuine leather golf grips, putter grips, head covers, and putter covers here in the USA. Our club and putter grips perform in all weather conditions and our covers are made to order to give you the ultimate selection of personalization and customization options.

Our Signature Grips

The MicroPerf Club Grip and Major Leaguer Putter Grip are our flagship grips. The MicroPerf brings real tackiness to your sticks, with our moisture-activated tack, ProTack. The Major Leaguer, made from the same leather used to stop professional baseball's fastballs, brings one of the most soothing and comfortable finishes to your putter grip. If you're new to BestGrips and leather, this is where we recommend you start.


Due to guidelines, our trips to FedEx are being limited, this may cause a delay on some orders, but we're working to minimize the effect. We've been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak since mid-January. While we always clean grips before packaging, we're expanding the level of that and closing BestGrips HQ to the public.

Since our start, we've been committed to making our grips and covers in the US and we will continue production through this crisis. Order shipments will continue as long as FedEx and USPS remain operational. However, we will hold packages for 1-2 days after fulfilment before releasing them to the carrier. We also recommend you hold the package for 1-2 days after receiving before opening.

Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on. Life is fragile, but our resolve and ability to adapt and survive are strong. We will overcome this and life will go on. In the meantime, take social distancing seriously, wash your hands and follow the CDC guidelines (here). We shall overcome this!

Paying Tribute

Every once in awhile an individual comes along and changes everything. The G.O.A.T. Head Cover pays tribute to a certain "23" with red, white, and black colorways for drivers, fairways and hybrids in a jersey style head cover offering. The G.O.A.T. launches a new jersey style headcover you can customize coming later this month.

Why BestGrips?

BestGrips traces its roots back to a long range session in the Spring of 2003 and the need for a better golf grip. That quest culminated with creation of our Handmade in the USA Genuine Leather Golf Grip. Now we chose the name Best Grips for two simple reasons: the Performance and Feel of our Leather Golf Grips.

The natural properties of leather make it much more suitable for hand contact than synthetic and other natural materials. You just can't beat the touch of a natural material. BestGrips then uses these game changing benefits with our game enabling club grip and putter designs to hand make each leather golf grip and leather putter grip in the USA.