Limited Run and Seasonal Putter Grips

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Our flagship leathers, the Classic and MicroPerf are made in-house. This allows us to apply our proprietary ProTack to them and also gives us some freedom to experiment with colors. While black and natural are the standard colors, we also release a limited run of four colors throughout the year: green, navy, purple, and red. These Seasonal Putter Grips will have the same performance as our Standard Putter Grips, but they'll have a contrasting stitch (instead of black). Each year, the Seasonal Putter Grips will utilize a different stitch style. Starting with the Vice Grips on 5/20, all Seasonal/Limited Run Grips will be produced in limited quantities and when sold out, are gone until the next year. 

All Drops Occur at 9:00 AM CST (except the Grinch)

Limited Run and Seasonal Putter Grip Schedule:


  • 3/1 Augusta (Green/Yellow)
  • 4/1 Azalea (Green/Pink)

    Proudly Made in the USA

    All BestGrips Leather Club Grips and Putter Grips are handmade in the USA.

    The Paddle vs the Pistol Putter Grip Shapes