Due to COVID and demand, end of 2020 orders can be delayed 4-6 weeks. Delay is improving on new orders every day.

Limited Run and Seasonal Golf Grips

Our flagship leather, the MicroPerf is made in house. By making the leather in house, we can absorb our proprietary, moisture activated ProTack into the leather. ProTack dramatically affects the color and performance of the leather, so our color offerings are limited. However, a few times a year, we'll blend a special color of MicroPerf to celebrate holidays and events. Seasonal Grips will be offered from a start date to a finish date, no need to time a launch. Limited Run Grips will be offered until they sell out, so get them quick.

Limited Run and Seasonal Golf Grip Schedule:


  • 11/11-11/16 Augusta (Green/Yellow) 
  • 11/27 Black Friday (Red/Black) (Limited Run)
  • 12/1-12/25 Christmas (Red/White)
  • 12/4 Wintergreen (Green/White) (Limited Run)
  • 12/24 Grinch (Red/Lime Green) (Limited Run)


  • 2/12 Valentine (Red/Pink) (Limited Run)
  • 3/5-4/12 Augusta  (Green/Yellow)
  • 4/9 Azalea (Green/Pink) (Limited Run)