Limited Run and Seasonal Golf Grips

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Our flagship leather, the MicroPerf is made in-house. By making the leather in-house, we can absorb our proprietary, moisture-activated ProTack into the leather. ProTack dramatically affects the color and performance of the leather, so our color offerings are limited. However, a few times a year, we'll blend a special color of MicroPerf to celebrate holidays and events. Starting with the Vice Grips on 5/20, all Seasonal/Limited Run Grips will be produced in limited quantities and, when sold out, are gone until the following year. 

All Drops Occur at 9:00 AM CST (except the Grinch)

Limited Run and Seasonal Golf Grip Schedule:


  • 12/24 Grinch (Red/Lime)

    Proudly Made in the USA

    All BestGrips Leather Club Grips and Putter Grips are handmade in the USA.