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Christmas Leather Golf Grip

The Christmas Leather Golf Grip

  • Special, seasonal offering in red, with white stitching.
  • Available from Mid-November through Christmas
  • Handmade by BestGrips in the USA.

The Last Seasonal of the Year

BestGrips releases 4 seasonal golf grip offerings a year, with the red Christmas being the final grip. Offered in our 3 club grip sizes: small, medium and large, the Christmas Leather Golf Grip offers the same performance you expect from our standard Classic Leather and MicroPerf Leather Golf Grips, in a limited edition colorway.

A Limited Edition Classic Leather Golf Grip

The Classic Leather Golf Grip is made from a smooth piece of genuine leather (cowhide) that we cut, dye, size, protack and hand stitch onto a slip-on core. This process gives you the performance benefits of leather, with the ability to install like a modern golf grip. Our Club Grips are offered in 3 sizes: Small (Undersized), Medium (Standard) and Large (Oversized). While grip sizing is dependant on many factors (butt size of shaft, gripping style, etc.) we generally recommend you use your glove size as a starting point.