The BestGrips Story:

About Us

About Us 

That Small Texas Leather Golf Grip Company

BestGrips began in the early 2000's with the father/son founding duo of Harry and Zach. Hours of hitting balls on the range with rubber grips left Zach's hands blistered and bloody and the search for a grip that was easier on the hands led us to leather. In 2010, we released our first grips: the Best Club Grip and Best Putter Grip, a smooth leather in black or burgundy with tack and a stitch back. As we added leather options, like the MicroPerf and the Major Leaguer, the Best became the Classic. 

We remain true to our small, family owned roots and stick to a three core values when it comes to running BestGrips:

  1. No paid endorsements
  2. If we wouldn't play it, we won't make it
  3. Making our grips and covers in the USA

Since our very first set of grips, customization has always been important and a benefit of controlling our production here in the USA is the ability to add personalizations and customizations as we go. Today, we offer various stitch colors, stitch methods, and custom logo options for our grips and an unmatched personalization of our covers. All without any required minimums. Today we remain committed to the same things that started BestGrips in 2010, handmade in the USA, with the finest materials, and the most custom options.