About Us

Started by Golfers

BestGrips began in the early 2000's with the father/son founding duo of Harry and Zach. The search for a grip that was easier on the hands led us to leather. In 2010, we released our first grips: the Best Club Grip and Best Putter Grip, now known as the Classic Leather Golf Grip. Soon after that, we expanded into matching grip and putter cover (we call them PutterShoes®) sets, personalized headcovers, and more.

A Family Business

Family values and keeping the tight knit family bond remains a core value of BestGrips. It's not uncommon for Susan or Brittney to answer the phone, and most of our customers have Harry or Zach's mobile numbers. As we continue to grow, BestGrips retaining the small family-run atmosphere is a certainty.

The BestGrips Way

We stick to a couple of core values when it comes to running BestGrips: No paid endorsements, playing what we make, and making our grips and covers in the USA. Paid endorsements contradict the integrity of the game of golf, affecting the game in all facets. BestGrips does not pay any player, influencer, or journalist to use our product.

Instead, we endorse our product by relying on it in competition. Every BestGrips Grip would be used by founder, Zach, in competitive play. If Zach wouldn't consider it in a tournament or match, we won't sell it.

Going back to the Best Club and Putter Grips, we've made our grips and covers in the USA. As we grow, we will continue to stitch here. These three values continue to push us forward.

Dedicated to Custom

The most significant benefit of controlling our production here in the USA is the ability to add personalizations and customizations as we go. Today, we offer various stitch colors, stitch methods, and logoing on our grips and unmatched personalization on our "stock" covers. All without any required minimums.