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Despite being a small family owned and operated golf business located just north of Houston, Texas, our influence over the golf industry rivals that of much larger companies with incredible marketing budgets. How can a company thrive in the same world as multi-national, billion dollar conglomerates, without paying a professional player a single dime to use their products? Simple, we rely on product performance and reputation in lieu of buzzwords and large endorsement contracts.

The mere philosophy behind BestGrips sets us fundamentally apart from almost any other company in the golf industry. Our genuine leather golf grips and headcovers are all hand made in the U.S.A. We boast quick turnarounds on products (within a week!) because we make what we sell. While the golf industry uses media buzz, paid-for awards and bold claims (followed by fine print of course), BestGrips continues to make category leading products, without the multi-channel distribution pricing!

BestGrips traces its roots back to October 2003, over 10 years ago, when we re-introduced genuine leather golf grips to U.S. In that year, as the Grip Master USA, we struck golf industry by total surprise and even grabbed the attention of a few rubber grip companies. From 2003 to 2008, the major golf OEM companies were heavily courted to use leather grips eventually leading to their use by some of the most popular lines. In 2008, it became clear that the golf industry was an incredibly convincing illusion.

The big players in the industry spent large amounts of resources convincing both consumers, retailers, and small manufacturers that golf revolves around the TOUR. This, however, could not be further from the truth. The TOUR illusion is carefully orchestrated to keep the golf industry as an oligarchy, where the top players remain at the top and keep the small players out. From 2008 until recently, BestGrips has been one of the first companies to break that illusion and pave the way for the incredible amount of start-ups we see today.

With the start of 2010, BestGrips began manufacturing its entire leather grip line in the U.S. Our commitment to genuine leather over other alternatives (sheep, kangaroo, and vinyl) led us to discover the Gridiron and create the MicroPerf (2011). Both leathers are at the forefront of innovation for different reasons. The Gridiron offers an unparalleled ruggedness and resistance to moisture, while the MicroPerf is the grip with the most tack in golf (nothing compares). 2010 also marked our first foray into headcovers with the introduction of the Puttershoe®. Designed to be fundamentally different from the beginning, the Puttershoe® gave birth to an entirely new industry within golf that many others soon copied.

In 2013, BestGrips introduced two more leathers involved in the sport theme started with the gridiron, completing the American Big 3 sport trifecta. The Major Leaguer (made from the same leather used for baseball gloves) and the Hardcourt (same leather used for basketballs) continued the tradition of materials exclusively offered by BestGrips. Our largest announcement in 2013 was the addition of two new customization processes. The addition of our in-house embroidery machine and laser engraver means we can offer limitless customization at nominal fees, no other company can compete with.

As we begin 2014, our mission for this year is crystal clear. 2014 is the year of customization. Pay attention to BestGrips this year, because you will see amounts of customization that were either thought impossible or prohibitively expensive.

In the 10 years that followed 2003, BestGrips saw many forks in the road and we could not be more ecstatic where the road led us! What started as simple leather wrapped grips has grown into the BestGrips of today and led to me outstanding innovations not limited to the exotic golf grip, the exotic headcover and unrivaled amounts of customization across the stable of products we offer.



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