We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

Leather Golf Grip Care

Congratulations on your BestGrips Putter or Club grip purchase! We’re excited for you to join the family and experience the advantages of BestGrips. The following tips will help you get the most out of your grips.

Our leather golf grips are hand stitched onto an underlast made from a TPE blend. The caps are not separate pieces and require the most attention. To get the absolute most out of your new BestGrips, pay close attention to the base of your bag. Keep it clean from any dirt or debris, make sure to keep it smooth and remove any remnants from the injection molding of the base.

It's important to remember that these grips are more expensive than rubber grips and should be treated with more care and attention. Avoid bags with small bases that constrict clubs and cause them to tug against each other. Avoid bags with bases that bend when placed on the ground. Also avoid placing the grip on the ground to apply your headcover. 

The Grip Cap (All Grips)

When you clean your grips 1-2 times per month, remember to wipe the cap (and only the cap) with a product like ArmorAll® Protectant or a similar product. This will keep the grip caps clean, while also revitalizing them every few weeks.

ProTack Infused Grips

For MicroPerf and Classic Leather Grips, remember to never use leather conditioner or soap on the leather. The chemicals will counteract the ProTack in the leather. To keep ProTack infused grips at the top of their game, wipe the grips with a warm water dampened towel as often as you like, but 1-2 times a month at  a minimum. This will get any dirt or oil that has accumulated on the grips off and keep the ProTack active. If the grips get too dirty, use rubbing alcohol instead of hot water.

Gridiron and Hardcourt Grips

The Gridiron and Hardcourt Leather Grips are finished with a wax, just like their professional sport counterparts. To clean them, wipe down with a clean towel or rag and hot water. Afterwards, you can re-apply wax using a Wilson Football wax bar or similar product.

Major Leaguer and Rancher Leather Putter Grips

The Major Leaguer and Rancher Leather Putter Grips both use oiled leathers. The best way to care for these is using the a small amount of the same oil you would use on a baseball glove.

GT-L and Carbon Fiber Putter Grips

The GT-L and Carbon Fiber Putter Grips are made from automotive upholstery leathers. If too much oil or dirt builds up on them, first try warm water on a clean, un-colored towel. If that persists, wipe with the same kind of cleaner you would use on leather upholstery, however, that may add oils to the grips giving them a slick feel, so immediately re-wipe with a clean towel and warm water and let dry.

Designer and Exotic Grips

The Designer and Exotic Leathers are very delicate and vary by leather. Please contact us for specific instructions on cleaning each individual grip.