Custom MicroPerf Putter Grip

Putter Shape: Pistol
Color: Black

Our Best Putter Grip

The MicroPerf Leather Putter Grip is the putter grip version of our most popular club grip. Unlike our other putter grip options, the MicroPerf brings our moisture activated tack, ProTack, to your flat stick. The MicroPerf is firmer than the Major Leaguer and softer than the Gridiron. We hand make all of our grips in the USA and the stitch creates a subtle reminder rib capturing the familiar feel of a car’s steering wheel. All BestGrips Putter Grips are available in a pistol shape (strong to medium stroke arc) and a paddle shape (little to no arc).

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  • The MicroPerf is available in our two standard size putter grip shape options: the Pistol for putting strokes with arc and the Paddle for putting strokes without arc. 

    Core Size: 58R

    Weight: 60g

    Colors: Black and Natural

  • Learn how to install your BestGrips.

  • Learn about caring for your BestGrips.

    Leather wiped with hot water on clean towel as often as wanted. Leather wiped with alcohol on clean towel monthly. Caps wiped with clear oil or Armorall® as often as necessary (do not touch leather).

  • Learn about the BestGrips Warranty.

    Leather and stitching warrantied for 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase. Within 1 year, send in the grip to receive a replacement. Outside of 1 year, 1 time 30% discount on replacement offered, if grip sent in.