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Classic Leather Golf Grip

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The Classic Leather Golf Grip was the original BestGrips golf club grip and gets its name from the classic golf grip material, genuine leather. We take a smooth piece of leather cowhide (dyed and treated in house) infuse it with ProTack and hand stitch it on a slip-on underlast. The result is the perfect blend of nostalgic homage and there-when-you-need-it performance.

The Classic Leather Golf Grip is available in black and tan. We hand make all of our swinger grips in the USA and the stitch creates a subtle reminder rib that can be oriented at any angle you prefer. All BestGrips golf club grips utilize the ProTaper, a reduced taper design influenced by some of the game's best players, that increases consistency through impact.

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Grip Specs

Size: 58R 
Weight: 55g