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Azalea Leather Golf Grip

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A Limited Run grip for our favorite golf tournament of the year, the Azalea Leather Golf Grip takes our seasonal green MicroPerf and finished it with pink stitch.

The color will vary. The demand is high.

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  • Size: Undersize, Standard, and Midsize

    Core Size: 0.580"

    Weight: 52-58g

  • Learn how to install your BestGrips.

  • Learn about caring for your BestGrips.

    Leather wiped with hot water on a clean towel as often as wanted. Leather wiped with alcohol on a clean towel monthly. Caps wiped with clear oil or Armorall® as often as necessary (do not touch leather).

  • Learn about the BestGrips Warranty.

    Your grip's leather and stitching are warrantied forone year (365 days) from the date of purchase. Withinone year, send in the grip to receive a replacement. Outside ofone year,a one-time 30% discount on replacement offered, if grip sent in.