The modern rubber golf grip has simply too much taper! The next time you are in the local golf shot closely examine the grip on an off the rack club. You will see exactly what we are talking about. This is a cheap trick used to make you think you are swinging faster, just like a department store implementing trick mirrors to make you look skinny(ier).

While designing our club grips we looked at the grips used by tour pros. Almost without question, every player placed tape under the dominant hand. A little more investigation found that the average amount of tape was 3 wraps. As you can guess, the ProTaper creates the equivalent size of three wraps of tape under the dominant hand.

So what's important about a bigger grip under the dominant hand? The larger grip leads to a more consistent release of the dominant hand. This means fewer snap, duck, and rope hooks. The tour pros use this same concept to counter their aggressive release and add consistency.

This effectively eliminates the left (or right, depending on dexterity) side of the fairway/green leading to more consistent shots. Everyone could benefit from a more aggressive, consistent release! The ProTaper, just another reason we make the Best Grips!

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