We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

Best Golf Grips

What Makes the Best Golf Grips?

As you can gather from our name, Best Grips began as an experiment in what it would take to create the best, or the absolute closest to the best, golf grips you can make. This journey began long before BestGrips in the year 2003 and directly led to our offerings today, a blend of performance and looks. The ingredients for the best golf grips are not all that difficult, they just take a little knowledge and some hard work.

The Best Golf Grips have to have Performance

A grip has to perform if it wants to be in the running for best golf grip. Performance in a golf grip is a mixture of durability, moisture management and comfort. Luckily, as far as golf grip material choices (read more in the Grip Life Blog article "Golf Grip Material Choices") go, leather is the best option for comfort. Due to it being a natural material, you hands recognize this and you sense comfort. In man-made synthetic materials, your hands recognize a foreign element and your senses pick up on the alien nature. Durability wise, nothing comes close to comparing to leather. While synthetics dry rot and decay, it takes decades for leather to decompose, leading to our saying, "leather wears in, not out."

The most important component for performance in a golf grip is moisture management. Whether you're playing in the heat, humidity, or rain, moisture from the air or your hands in guaranteed to find its way onto your golf grip. For this very reason, we developed ProTack, a moisture activated tackiness infused into every club grip. When your hands get wet, the ClassicGridiron and MicroPerf Club Grips get tacky. We're not talking rubber grip tacky either, we're talking legitimate, mind-blowing tackiness.

The Best Golf Grips have to have Looks

While golfers may not be vain, it's no secret that they like their equipment to stand out. Some like traditional looks, some like bright eye catching looks. To make the best golf grips, you have to offer both, but you cannot sacrifice performance. For this reason, we offer our club grips in traditional colors and release limited runs of Augusta and Patriotic themed MicroPerfs.

On the other hand, our putter grips push the limits of what can be offered in leather. The Major Leaguer is our undeniable performance based putter grip. However, the GT-L (11 colors), Carbon Fiber (4 colors) and Tiffany Blue (Designer) Putter Grips collectively offer 13 bright and different colors with 3 unique feels. Beyond these "stock" offerings, we also specialize in Genuine Exotics and Limited Run and One-Off Designer Putter Grips.

The Best Golf Grips have to have that Extra Touch

The foundation of the grip is arguably the most important. The base determines the shape and installation and skimping on this can be disastrous. BestGrips uses a highly specialized plastic designed to stick to metal for our underlast, which is offered in club grip, pistol putter grip (for strong arc strokes) and d putter grip (for no arc stroke) options. This underlast allows out leather golf grips to be installed just like any conventional rubber grip, one of the real reasons leather golf grips lost popularity (they were hand wrapped onto the shaft previously).