Handmade Leather Golf Grips

Handmade Leather Golf Grips by BestGrips

Golf is a personal game and it deserves personal equipment. At BestGrips, our mission is to provide a personal touch from start to finish with a handmade leather golf grip. These grips and the way we make them changes the game.

The production process at BestGrips is one of the most personal in golf. We start with the finest top grain cowhide leather and depending on which style, dye and ProTack the leather in house. The grips are them prepped and stitched by hand.

Handmade leather golf grips offer an advantage over any other grip. They excel in performance, durably and comfort, the three most important aspects of a golf grip. Thanks to the natural qualities of leather, a leather golf grip is unbeatable.

The only question that remains is “why does no one else make leather golf grips?” The answer to that is “handmade.” There is no way to mass produce a leather golf grip. Without an easy or automated way to manufacture the grips, larger grip companies are unable to even fathom a way to produce a leather grip.

While a large company may never be able to justify a handmade grip, a small company, like BestGrips, prefers that method. We enjoy competing against “the man,” and fighting the good fight with our handmade leather golf grips. BestGrips is lucky enough to produce a product we love with natural advantages that even million dollar ad budgets cannot compete with.