We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

MicroPerf Leather Golf Grip

Size chart
Golf Grip Size Chart

BestGrips Genuine Leather Golf Grip sizes and shapes are a little different than your run of the mill rubber golf grip. Because our leather grips feature real moisture management solutions, we don't rely on the aggressive taper most rubber grips use to keep the club in your hands. Our taper, which we call the ProTaper, equates to about a 3 wrap increase in the bottom section, or where your dominant hand is placed on the grip. This reduces taper shape has become so popular, even a few rubber grip manufacturers are offering it as an option.

As far as sizing goes, there's a few factors you must always pay attention to when deciding on size. First, the size of the butt of the shaft and it's taper where the grip will go. Shafts can range from .580" to .625" and it's important to both know the size of your shafts and to make them as close to each other as possible with tape before installing your grips. Second, how your hands grip the club will influence the size of grip that gives you the best results. If you grip the club more with your fingers, you'll be better off with a smaller grip than we recommend below. If you grip the club with more of your palm, you'll be better off with a larger grip than we recommend.

The BestGrips Leather Golf Grip Size Chart is below where the differences in each of our grips is explained and we recommend a grip based on the golf glove you use (or used if you're switching to the MicroPerf). Our Undersize plays just slightly smaller than a 60R rubber grip, our Standard plays like a 58R rubber grip (meaning standard size on a .580 shaft) and our Midsize plays like a larger midsize rubber grip. However, there's no standardized grip sizing in golf and no two rubber grips play alike. 

BestGrips Leather Golf Grip Size Chart
BestGrips Grip Sizes Undersized Standard Midsize
Difference Between Grips (in Double Sided Tape Wraps) -3 0 6
Glove Size Recommendation S-M M-ML L-XL
Rubber Grip Equivalent (Estimated) 61R 58R Mid
Size: Standard
Color: Black

The MicroPerf Leather Golf Grip upgrades the feel of leather with increased texture and tackiness. The perforations enhance the texture, improve tactile awareness, and provide more surface area for ourProTack to interact with. ProTack, a proprietary finish to the leather, gets tacky when wet, providing game-changing, all-weather playability. Our club grips all feature a reduced taper shape, which we call ProTaper. The ProTaper creates a wider bottom half of the grip than a conventional rubber grip (roughly 2-3 wraps larger), promoting more stability in the swing. Each grip is hand-made in the USA and features a subtle stitch with a feeling similar to a reminder rib.

Grip Weights:
Undersize - 50g
Standard - 55g
Midsize - 59g