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Augusta Leather Putter Grip (available 11/9)

Putter Shape

A Limited Run will be available on 11/9.

Each Spring, we release an exclusive green MicroPerf Leather putter grip with yellow stitching called the Augusta Leather Putter Grip. This hand-dyed leather kicks off our Seasonal Grip calendar featuring unique colors we dye in house. The Augustas are available from late February through early April.

Based on our best putter grip, the MicroPerf Leather Putter Grip, the Augusta is treated with ProTack, which creates tackiness when wet. We hand make all of our grips in the USA and the stitch creates a subtle reminder rib capturing the familiar feel of a car’s steering wheel. All BestGrips Putter Grips are available in a pistol shape (strong to medium stroke arc) and a paddle shape (little to no arc).

Color will vary. The demand is high.

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Shape: Pistol and Paddle
Size: Standard
Weight: 60g