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MicroPerf Leather Putter Grip

Putter Shape

Tan is being transitioned to a limited edition offering available at the end of the Summer. 


The MicroPerf Leather Putter Grip is the putter grip version of our most popular club grip. Unlike our other putter grip options, this brings our ProTack to your flat stick. The MicroPerf is firmer than the Major Leaguer and softer than the Gridiron. The MicroPerf Putter Grip is hand stitched to a slip-on underlast. The MicroPerf Putter Grip is available in black and tan. We hand make all of our grips in the USA and the stitch creates a subtle reminder rib capturing the familiar feel of a car’s steering wheel. All BestGrips Putter Grips are available in a pistol shape (strong to medium stroke arc) and a paddle shape (little to no arc).

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Putter Grip Specs

Shape: Pistol and Paddle
Size: Standard
Weight: 62g

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