The Golf Grip Masters

Years of work in the grip business has made BestGrips the “Golf Grip Master.” The involvement with leather golf grips over many years has taught BestGrips many lessons about grips, the industry and the game of golf in general. This led us to develop some unique ideas about the grip and what it means for the golfer.

What is the Golf Grip to a Golf Grip Master

The golf grip is, without argument, the most important component of the golf club. While a proper shaft fitting and a quality head are important, all of that is meaningless without a decent grip. Without proper tack to keep the grip stable through the swing, a golfer will lose performance. Without proper comfort, a golfer will struggle to perform quality practice on their quest to improve. Most importantly, without proper durability, a golfer will never have reliability in their equipment.

These three factors, while constantly claimed by other golf grip companies, are never achieved. In fact, other grips perform so terribly and rarely meet the expectations companies set with advertisements, that golfer as a whole have completely taken grips out of the equation. Everyone’s expects golf grips to be semi-terrible and doesn’t hold any grip maker accountable for performance.

Design Fundamentals of a Golf Grip Master

For BestGrips, the golf grip is not just the portion of the club you hold. We believe the golf grip has an incredible impact on the swing of a club and the stroke of a putter. For that reason, our club and putter grips feature distinct shapes designed for each swing/stroke.

A BestGrips Club Grip features what we call the Pro-Taper. Pro-Taper creates a golf grip with less taper, building up the dominant hand by 2-3 wraps vs conventional rubber grips. This creates a stabler club grip and allows the golfer to turn the ball over naturally. Grips with less taper create an unnatural, “forced draw,” making consistent ball shape difficult for better players.

A BestGrips Putter Grip comes in two distinct shapes: the Pistol and the D. The Pistol Putter Grip is designed for an open-closed putting stroke. The Pistol places the hands on two slightly different planes, enabling the stroke to take a circular path. The D Putter Grip is a round paddle grip with a flat front for your thumbs. The D places your hands on the same plane, with similar widths (less taper than club grip) to enable a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke.

Final Thoughts from the Golf Grip Masters

The golf grip is the first thing you notice when picking up a club and needs to convey an immediate feeling of comfort. On a subconscious level, the first impression of the club could mean the difference between achievement and failure. Leather, a natural material, provides this feeling unlike any other material available. The use of leather, a golf grip’s best material choice, making grips in America, and our commitment to performance and quality make BestGrips a true Golf Grip Master.