The BestGrips Performance Center

BestGrips Performance Center

BestGrips Performance Center

The BestGrips Performance Center
The First of its Kind

The idea for a performance center began on a quiet afternoon after a surprise visit from a PGA Tour player. While he could feel and test the grips inside BestGrips HQ, it became glaringly obvious we needed the facilities for golfers to test the best grips in person. The BestGrips Performance Center satisfies our needs for testing, demonstration and so much more.

Located just outside of the BestGrips HQ entrance, a 40ft long putting green with 5 holes spread across the green, providing everything from short putts with various breaks to long lag putts with multiple breaks. An edge of fringe/rough surrounding the green offers chipping shots across breaks, uphill and downhill. Within chipping range is a full width hitting bay and multi-use area with tee/fairway turf and rough for full shots.

A performance center has to have amenities and we certainly do. Our range balls? Snell Golf MTB with BestGrips logos. The clubs and putters available for you to demo the BestGrips on? Edel Golf Torque Balanced Putters and forged irons. Not only can you get fit for our incredible grips, you can also get fit for the best irons in golf: the Edel Golf SLS-01 single length irons.

Performance needs data, and data may be where we shine the most. Equipped with the state of the art Foresight Sports GC Quad Launch Monitor, the BestGrips Performance Center offers any and all data you could possibly need to take your game to the next level. The GC Quad allows us at BestGrips to fit every aspect of your game by fitting you for optimal launch and lie, to test and develop like never before and test and review other equipment in the industry with the same level of insight as top tier media outlets.

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