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In the marketing age we live in, it is easy to dismiss bold claims created to stir up interest. However, at BestGrips.com, we stand by all of our bold claims. Our biggest claim, the ability for our grips to outperform the competition in all weather conditions, comes from the outstanding benefits of ProTack.

ProTack is moisture activated, and provides BestGrips.com's grips the ultimate advantage, performance in any weather. It is absorbed into our leather and will stay there for the life of our grips. Grips that are painted, non-Genuine Leather, or rubber, will not absorb ProTack. They rely on substances chalked onto the top of the grip. As the grip wears away and time dissolves the grip, the tackiness withers away.

ProTack remains on our golf grips, lasting the life of the product. The presence of ProTack makes our club grips truly better than any other grip available. You have not experienced leather, until you have tried Genuine Leather, infused with ProTack. ProTack, another reason we make the BestGrips!

ProTack is the ultimate advantage in competition



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