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ProTack: Moisture Activated Tack


The most important feature of a golf grip and one of the most widely used terms when marketing golf grips is tack. Everyone markets their grip as tacky. Sure, you can find some rubber golf grips and even some other leather golf grips that have tack out of the box. That tack, however, has two problems with it.

Rubber cannot absorb. So when you feel tack on a rubber golf grip, it's a substance that's been applied to the surface that will wear off with use. Tack is something you need to count on and tackiness that diminishes exponentially with use doesn't cut it.

Other tacky leather grips use an inferior version of ProTack that uses binds pine tar with the same chemicals used to make asphalt roads. Not necessarily something you want to spend a lot of time with. This tack seeps out of the leather sticking to everything from your hands to your bag.

BestGrips ProTack is a moisture activated proprietary formula made in house with food grade materials. You don't have to worry about the carbamates or latex issues with other grips and the best part, moisture activated means it's only tacky when you need it.


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