We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

Made In Texas

Not too long ago, a large competitor of ours dismissed us as “just a small, Texas soda pop company.” The irony of that statement is that, for a Texan, that small, made in Texas soda pop company, Dr. Pepper, is better (if not the best) than any other cola. The executive’s quip was more accurate than he intended.

BestGrips.com is proud to make our leather golf grips and headcovers in Texas! However, while our hats and shirts are not made in Texas, do not rule out the possibility. Texans are always challenging the status quo and we’ll be happy to support the ones that decide to make apparel here.

In business, it’s not too uncommon for a company to begin making its own products. Once the company becomes successful, the focus shifts on how to continue making the products for as little as possible. Often, this leads the company to manufacture in countries with cheap labor that may or may not break U.S. labor laws.

BestGrips is not most companies! We will continue to make our golf grips and headcovers in the great state of Texas and in the USA. We take a considerable amount of pride in our choice of where and how our products are made, and we hope you do. Hopefully, we’ll inspire other Texans and Americans to begin making their golf products here at home.