We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

We’re back open after Hurricane Beryl and catching up ASAP.

Leather Putter Grip

The Leather Feel and Finish

One of BestGrips.com's specialties is the leather putter grip. The benefits to using leather as the material for a putter grip are numerous, but the standouts are durability and feel. The most important factor of putting is confidence, which comes from repetition and comfort. How can you establish confidence from repetition with a putter grip that constantly deteriorates and must be replaced constantly? Leather putter grips feature the age defying durability and longevity synonymous with genuine leather (cowhide). This means you don't have to worry bout your grip dry rotting, cracking and wearing off.

The feel of leather putter grips is unmatched by any other material. the very touch of leather is far more comforting than any other synthetic material. Where a synthetic grip as an unfamiliar and abrasive feel, natural leather is soothing to the touch. With numerous leathers, we offer numerous feels. From the firm and tacky MicroPerf Leather Putter Grip, to the soft and oiled Major Leaguer Putter Grip

Shapes Designed For You

BestGrips offers two leather putter grip shapes: the pistol and the paddle. The pistol putter grip features a notch under the non-dominant hand, putting your hands on two slightly different plains, enabling an open-closed stroke. The paddle putter grip is a reduced taper, round design, with a slight flat top for your thumbs. This shape allows you to putt straight back and straight through. 

Here's Zach explaining the difference:

The BestGrips Leather Putter Grip

Like all of our leather golf grips, every BestGrips Leather Putter Grip is made in the USA. Depending on the leather, we either dye, finish and protack it in house, or used finish leathers to create each and every grip. Our Leather Putter Grips are truly like no other.