Leather Golf Headcovers

BestGrips Leather Headcovers

With a name like BestGrips, you wouldn't expect a headcover offering. While our grip knowledge may not transfer over to making covers, decades of experience as golfers helped us put together a compelling offering. We've taken real world golf experience and applied that to the design of our covers.

For starters, you won't find the annoying elastic on the back our leather club covers. The weight of a leather headcover keeps it secure on the head and the elastic makes pulling the cover off and on a two-handed action. You don't need to tie both hands up just getting your cover off the club.

Freeing up the back from elastic allows for unrivaled personalization. You can create two headcovers with one by simply flipping the design. Believe me, if you just dumped two in the drink, flipping that headcover around is a great start to the rest of your round.

Oh yeah, unrivaled personalization? With any other golf headcovers company, you're limited to their pre-made designs. After all, you just can't mass produce every conceivable color combination overseas!

We make our leather golf headcovers in house and offer the only personalized to order "stock" on the market. You select the leather color, the number style (1, D, a diamond and many more) and the number's colors. The best part? It's all included in the "stock" price. Want to take it a step further? You can add your initials and/or stripes for a small up-charge. 

So how do we tie this in with the grips? We use the same incredible genuine leather cowhide used to makes the best putter grips in golf to create our leather headcovers. The personalization and matching opportunities are (almost) endless.