Leather Golf Grips

The BestGrips Handmade in the USA Leather Golf Grips

BestGrips is the home of leather golf grips. Tracing our roots back to 2003, we've been involved with leather for over a decade and the experience shows. While historically, leather was always the go to golf grip, as golf equipment evolved from a cottage industry to mass production, leather wrapped grips lost fashion and were replaced. 

A BestGrips leather golf grip utilizes a slip-on underlast with a stitched leather panel to combine the shape and installation you expect from a modern grip with the natural performance benefits of leather. Unlike rubber grips, which have an abrasive, alien feel in your hands, leather possesses a natural, familiar feel that's comfortable and soothing. Feel is a leather advantage that no other material can create.

Our leather golf grips also posses another advantage a rubber grip cannot compete with. "Tacky" rubber grips are treated with a substance on the surface to mimic tack that immediately wears off with use. Leather's ability to absorb means we can apply our ProTack, a proprietary formula that creates tack when moisture is present. The tack on a BestGrips leather golf grip is there to stay.

Most importantly, all BestGrips leather golf grips and headcovers are made in the USA. While manufacturing the grips in the US is much more difficult than overseas, BestGrips chooses to maintain a hands on approach to the hand making of our grips. By making our grips in house, BestGrips is leading the charge back to cottage industry style manufacturing, away from the marketing oriented approach so many larger companies today use.