Best Golf Headcovers

So why are these the best golf headcovers?

With so many headcover options to choose from in golf, how can one headcover stand out? Many companies make leather covers (do they?), many make exotics, many companies even make custom covers. What separates the plethora of options to choose from and makes some stand out as the best golf headcovers?

It starts with design

When we sat down to design our first headcover, one attribute really stuck out: ease of use. There is a fine line between the security of the cover and the ability to pull it off. A cover that is too easy to come off falls off the bag. A cover that is too secure is impossible to use, especially if walking. That is why our headcovers are designed to easily come off, but not slide off while moving. This is accomplished by giving the headcovers enough length to anchor on the club regardless of using a power cart or walking/using a pull/push cart.

While the wood and driver covers (called Driver-, Fairway- and Hybridshoes) use a generic shape designed to accommodate a large number of heads, the putter covers (Puttershoes®) possess a key feature that distinguishes them from any cover on the market. When most people consider the design of a putter cover, they imagine the hinges of the cover to be squared off, 90 degree angles. This is incorrect. Because of the way the cover is sewn up, if you use these incorrect angles, the cover will bunch up, put too much pressure on the seam and create an odd cover. By sweeping these hinges back, when they are sewn up, they hang straight and naturally down.


Obviously after design, the next step is materials. This may seem obvious, but is not always a guarantee. While we are known for our impeccable dedication to using only the best hides (genuine cowhide and exotics), we treat the interior with the same seriousness. A strong argument could be made that the interior of the cover is more important than its leather exterior. Whether you believe this or not, we use baby-grade materials for the liners and surgical grade velcro on the putter covers.

I suspect you are very serious about the performance and treatment of your clubs; I am too. That is why we give so much attention to the quality and design of the materials used to make the interiors of our covers. It is also the reason we are reluctant to use magnets on the putter covers.

Made in the USA

The final quality that makes our golf headcovers the best is the most important, in our opinion. In today's world it easy to sit back and resell products manufactured overseas. It may be easy for some, but not us. Our headcovers, like our grips are proudly made in Conroe, Texas. We are so proud, in fact, we include a made in the USA tag on every headcover.

Golfers are very personal when it comes to almost every item associated with the game. It's what makes our sport great. Personality means almost as much as performance. We added headcovers to are stable of products for this very reason. Some golfers want subtle designs, some want outspoken designs. We have both types. And neither should compromise quality and performance.

Ready to add the best golf headcovers to your bag?