Best Golf Club Grips

The Best Golf Club Grips (Period)

Ask any golfer what the most important club in the bag and they'll almost always tell you the putter. Sure, unless you chip in, you're putting on every hole. However, what if I told you there was something use even more than a putter?

Your actual golf club grip is on 13 clubs in the bag, unless you're using less than the rules allow. That means a properly installed grip (built to the same specs on every club) will feel the same across the bag. You will use them on every hole, without exception. They are the great assister to any achievement on the course and BestGrips just happens to make the best golf club grips.

For us, the golf club grip is where it all began: a quest to find a grip that you don't just get by with, but thrive with. The needs in a grip are simple, yet hard to achieve with rubber. The needs:

  1. Comfort
  2. All-weather performance
  3. The right shape

Leather possess a unique advantage over other materials for the first 2 requirements. The natural feel of leather provides a sense of comfort you didn't know existed if you're used to the alien and abrasive feel of rubber. Rubber texture naturally wears your skin away and since it can't absorb anything, substances are applied to the surface to create the sense of tack.

Leather, on the other hand, can absorb. We use this advantage to apply ProTack (a proprietary formula) which creates actual tack in the presence of moisture. This feeling doesn't go away and lasts the life of the grip. 

When it comes to shape, conventional rubber grips are just to tapered. The dominant hand needs a stable base to power the follow through of the swing. For this very reason, we utilize the ProTaper, a less tapered design in all of our club grips. What equates to 3 extra wraps under the dominant hand thank  conventional grip allows for more aggressive swings without sacrificing accuracy.

While BestGrips is an all-star in all 3 categories required to make the best golf club grips, we take it one step further: all off our grips are hand made in the USA. Experience the best club grips, our Leather Club Grips today!