The Many Golf Headcover Choices

The Many Golf Headcover Choices

You just spent a couple hundred to a couple thousand hard earned dollars on a brand new woods or a set of woods. They’re beautiful, long off the tee, and PGA Tour ready accurate. Unfortunately, they came with highway billboard style headcovers. You double check the receipt and instruction manual (do we really need an instruction manual to operate a driver?) and you, surprisingly, see nothing about an advertising contract. Those gaudy stock covers’ (that resemble more of a nascar driver than golfer) days are numbered.

It’s time to begin that arduous process of finding some aftermarket covers. A look around the golf store you just left leaves you few options. A collection of stuffed animals (That double as headcovers?), some licensed covers circa 1995, and your generic golf store knit and vinyl covers.

Wanting to rundown a few more leads you head to the World Wide Web. Google: golf headcovers. Other than the golf superstore links you see a few headcover specialized companies. Now you begin to weigh your real options: knit, vinyl, leather and genuine leather.

Knit Golf Headcovers

Knit, the art of weaving long strings of materials into socks and sweaters. If grandmothers around the world were in a secret order, knitting would play some role in it. Knit sweaters can look pretty sweet. I think knit socks are a good thing? But, I know knit golf headcovers are a terrible terrible thing and I know this from personal experience.

Long before BestGrips said “Headcovers.  The world needs some decent headcovers,” I, like any other golfer, had a set of Pom Pom knit headcovers. At the time I liked them, but not as much as the bugs! My rounds were spent wandering around the course looking for the impossible to keep on the club, and incredibly top heavy Pom poms. After a few weeks, they were full of more holes than a pair of hand me down socks. I’ll spare you a description of the odor (read: it was awful).

Vinyl Golf Headcovers

Vinyl, faux-leather, pleather, that magical material that looks like leather, but has none of the good qualities. The durability is suspect. A soft vinyl will not hold up with regular use and a rigid vinyl will look ill-fitting and homemade.

Leather, the good stuff, what BestGrips specializes in. But wait! It looks a lot like vinyl. It smells a lot like vinyl. It says leather, so why doesn’t it seem like what I consider leather? Leather doesn’t necessarily mean cowhide. Surprisingly, vinyl can be and almost always is called leather. So the next time you see “leather” headcovers at a unbelievably low price, consider that somethings really are too good to be true.

Leather Golf Headcovers

Genuine leather, the real cream of the crop, cowhide and the specialty of BestGrips. You may think “of course BestGrips is going to say genuine leather is the best for headcovers. That’s what they sell!” While it’s true, we only sell genuine leather and other genuine materials, we never planned to make headcovers. Unfortunately for golfers, headcover options have always been super expensive for real quality (think $70+ for stock covers) or questionable quality.

Real cowhide, genuine leather, is the perfect option for headcovers. Leather is a natural protector (early armor was made of leather. Have you heard of vinyl or knit armor?), last for ages and holds up with use.  In fact, as leather ages, the better it gets! Luckily, you can get really quality leather in numerous colors and styles these days. BestGrips just happens to offer a wide variety of colors and styles, all of which are made in the USA by BestGrips.

Our Favorite Leather Headcover

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