Edel Golf's The Brick Putter Review

In an age of $1500 Anser clones, the Brick Putter by Edel Golf, defies the herd and provides golfers with a much needed alternative. Where other putters waste valuable time and effort on fancy flanges, needless stampings and unnecessary weld lines, the Brick is a putter in its cleanest form, a simple instrument designed to get the ball in the hole.

It’s no secret that I’m an Edel Golf fan. Their approach to iron, wedge and putter design is unrivaled and their putter fittings are incredible. I saw spy pics of the Brick Putter long before its release and its design snagged my attention. I bugged Edel about it’s release off and on and finally snagged one when I had a chance to see it in action.

A Simple Tool With A Simple Purpose: Making Putts

There’s western novel, Shane, where the titular character traveled the west as a gunslinger. One of my favorite passages of the novel described Shane’s guns as with ground off sites giving you the impression that Shane’s “tools” are sleek and simple while also showing the confidence he possesses with them. Getting the Brick in my hands immediately brought that passage to mind.

Surrounding the Brick on the shelf was a myriad of game improving putters promising consistency and more made putts. The Brick, contradicting these game improvers, conveyed an entirely different message. That message: I’m a tool for a master of their craft, not a compensation for your shortcomings. When I look down at the Brick, I see nothing but confidence.

While the Brick boldly goes against the herd of today’s game improving putters, it provides you with more game improving features than any putter I’ve seen in stores. Edel’s Torque Balanced feature (toe up) allows your stroke to naturally flow through the ball, instead of fighting the head’s torque during the swing. A sound slot also sits under the putter providing positive and negative feedback on each stroke.

The most controversial aspect of the Brick Putters is its shaft. I find this to be it’s best feature. Tom Stickney II, writes at length about the illusion of forward press caused by the shafts used in many putters made today. I’m far from Tom’s level of knowledge, but the Brick’s “square shaft” for lack of alternative wording doesn’t create this illusion and allows you to know exactly what kind of forward press you are bringing to the table.

Final Thoughts

After expressing excitement about my personal Brick’s impending arrival, Edel Golf’s Neil Oster said, “(I) will love it. Or hate it. Probably love it.” I understand where that sentiment would come from. After all, the Brick isn’t a $1500 anser clone. It’s not even a Workbench Putter. The Brick is extremely out of the box. However, I absolutely love it.

The Brick Putter is made in the USA at Edel Golf’s workshop in Liberty Hill, Texas. It retails for $300 and can be purchased directly from Edel Golf. More info and specs on the Brick are available here.

Reviewer’s disclosure: I purchased the Brick from Edel Golf and was not asked to review it.

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