The Different Golf Grips of BestGrips

Countless grips in golf exist and for every ten finger, overlapping and interlocking grip, just as many golf club grips sit, ready to use. Both types of grips highlight one of the greatests aspects of golf: the ability for the individual to find their own way to each golfer’s “par.” I could spend days discussing which way to grip the club, but I’ll stick with what I know, our three main club grips.

Choosing a Club Grip

Anyone involved in the golf industry has a long speech prepared for the importance of their specific component (shaft, club grip, head) and why it should be your first consideration. I don’t want to downplay their opinions, but the club grip is kind of a big deal. After all, it is your only connection to the club and I don’t see too many drivers on the road without their connection to the car, the steering wheel (at least not yet). I’ll go more in depth about the importance of the club grip in, “The Importance of the Club Grip, or ‘Stop hitting please, I need to grab my club from down range.’”

Even if the club grip rates the lowest of the golf club’s three components, you still have to use a club grip and I’ll take that as a win. As far as club grips you’ll need something that has some grip, some comfort and, so you aren’t changing grips every round (looking at you, tour player with the initials P.M.). Luckily, BestGrips has three options in the club grip category that meet all three.


MicroPerf Club Grip

I could save the best for last, but let’s face it, that’s been done to death and odds are, the MicroPerf is the club grip for you. The MicroPerf’s name comes from the tiny, uniform perforations covering its surface. These little perforations are the club grip’s game changer. They drastically increase the surface area, giving the ProTac more access to moisture, surface of your hands and consequently, faster and greater tack. The micro perforations give the MicroPerf Club grip a softer, yet still firm feel.

The MicroPerf is the grip for anyone looking for an extreme amount of tack and some surface texture.


Classic Club Grip

The Classic Club Grip was our first club grip offering and for the longest time was the “Best Club Grip.” Then the MicroPerf came along and now it’s the Classic. The Classic is the modernization of the leather golf grip golfers of old used, but don’t let its name fool you. The Classic is better equipped for the modern golfer than any other golf grip offering. Genuine leather’s (read more about genuine leather in “Genuine Leather, or Not All Leather is Created Equal.”) natural characteristics provide some great advantages to a golfer: it absorbs ProTac, it provides natural shock absorption and is much easier on the hands than man-made substances.

The Classic Club Grip is great for golfers that want comfort and feel with more tack than they are used to with rubber grips.

Gridiron Club Grip

The Gridiron Club Grip is the most extreme golf grip on the market. Made from the same leather as a couple of really popular collegiate and professional leagues that play football, the Gridiron combines the unique feel of a football, with the golf grip. Imagine your favorite chord, minus the unravelling twine and the shredded hands. While it doesn’t have ProTac, the pebble grain and its outer surface do a good job of deflecting moisture. If too much hand oil gets on the grip, give it a wipe with some rubbing alcohol and you are back on track.

The Gridiron Club Grip is a great, easier on the hands, alternative for guys that like chord grips.

Before you go though…

It’s hard to talk about the golf grips and not mention the other golf grip. As far as methods of gripping the club go, the big three are: Ten Finger, Interlocking and Overlapping. Having used all three at some point, I finally settled in with Overlapping. How do you grip the club and what’s your favorite BestGrips Club Grip?