Many years ago I found myself disappointed with the quality of grips available to golfers. Hours on the range or course left my hands blistered and grips noticeably worn. In a game that relies so heavily on repetition, how could you rely on grips that treat you so poorly? The answer to this question led to the foundation of

The formula to create a grip that performs in any condition and lasts and feels natural in your hands begins and ends with genuine cowhide leather, an essential and sustainable material. We handcraft every grip in Texas from leather sourced in the U.S. and ship our game-changing grips all over the world.

But why stop at grips?

As Best Grips grew, we expanded our craftsmanship into two of golfers’ favorite categories: headcovers and custom options. Today, our custom options for golf grips, headcovers and headwear are unrivaled by any company in golf and we are proud to offer no minimum orders for customization.

Our products aren’t the only things revolutionizing golf, though. has ruffled the collective feathers of the golf industry since day one, and we don’t plan on stopping. Our choice to not pay players for endorsements or play the traditional distribution game with retailers has put Best Grips at odds with manufacturers and media outlets alike. This is fine with us, because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the quality of our product and the relationship with you, the golfer.

Albert Sewill


Albert Sewill

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