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 Welcome to Best Grips is small, family-run, genuine leather golf grip and headcover company that traces its leather roots back to 2003. Our golf grips and headcovers are made in the USA (just north of Houston, Texas) using only the best and genuine materials. In addition to some of the best golf grips and headcovers around, we also offer one of the widest ranges of custom options in golf! Choose from multiple stitch and thread colors and our house embossing dies, or upload your own design for embroider or engraving.

So why use leather to make the best golf grips? Easy! Genuine leather offers better durability, comfort and performance than any other material used for golf grips. This vast advantage leather holds over the competition allows BestGrips, a small golf grip company, to compete against the large, house hold names on word of mouth almost exclusively. Our quality and performance simply speaks for itself! To such a degree that Best Grips is represented on professional tours around the world without paying for pros to endorse our products. In fact, any pro playing a Best Grips club or putter grip on tour paid for said grip, just like anyone else!

There is so much BestGrips story to tell, that one page simply cannot do it! If you would like to know more about BestGrips and our valiant fight against inferior grip companies with superior advertising budgets, read our About Us and Why Best Grips? pages. To learn more about our broad range of products spanning various styles of leathers, different types of exotics and countless colors, read about the Collection, or jump right in and visit the Shop. Want that personal touch? We love taking break from grip stitching to chat on the phone or reply to emails! Reach out via out Contact Us page.

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The MicroPerf Club Grip

The best club grip by Best Grips. Tiny perforations create a slightly softer, subtly textured, work of art with extreme tack. Available in black and bestgrips tan and in standard and oversize options.

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