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BestGrips. What a bold name for a small company hand making leather golf grips outside of Houston, Texas. Leather golf grips? While leather holds an indisputable throwback, retro relationship with golf, our grips build on that relationship and create a product worthy of our name. When you handcraft the kind of grips we offer, a bold, audacious name like BestGrips is the only logical choice.

Established with a passion for delivering a hands-down, best performing grip, BestGrips operates with a completely different mindset than any other golf business. Our mission, our goal, our roadmap and our plans are all focused on living up the the name “BestGrips.” This is the reason we chose to hand make the grips here in Texas instead of importing and distributing a product made elsewhere. The result is a process that takes over sixty minutes (one hour) to craft one grip and every single step is absolutely vital to all that is BestGrips.

Seeking a grip that could standout in each use, all three grip shapes were designed around specific philosophies. Our Club Grips feature designs adapted from tour players that provide benefits to all players. Theses designs led to the creation of the ProTaper, a club grip design with a larger dominant hand established with the average amount of buildup used by the game’s best. This “buildup” underneath the dominant hand allows and encourages an aggressive, yet controlled movement through impact. The Pistol Putter Grip derives its name from the notch at the top of the grip underneath the top hand, while the D Putter Grip’s name is earned from it’s “D” like, paddle shape. All three grip designs possess a single purpose: performance.

The use of ProTac is only another example of our attention to the little details that make a great grip. ProTac was created to perform in golf’s worst weather, rain, and is a crucial step in the process of making MicroPerf and Classic Club Grips as well as our Leather Strap. ProTac is a proprietary treatment that we created in house to meet our high specifications. Unlike imitations, ProTac is made with food grade materials and only activates with the presence of moisture. There is only one material in the world that can infuse with ProTac: Genuine Leather.

Genuine Leather is the official name of tanned cowhide and is very important nomenclature in the leather industry. While unscrupulous companies will ignore this, only cowhide can be called Genuine Leather. In most cases, when the word leather is used by itself, vinyl, sheepskin or deerskin is really being used. These other options are used in place of cowhide due to their low cost and availability. Cowhide remains a more durable and usable material.

Reading between the lines it is pretty obvious that a lot of pride and effort go into our grips. As a company BestGrips believes that a product should be able to stand on its own, without fancy packaging or marketing propping it up. This is a strong belief that even manifests itself in our preference of word-of-mouth advertising versus paid advertising. There is no better standard for evaluating a product than the “will the customer convert his friends,” test!

In recent years BestGrips has added different forms of customization to compliment the grips. If you make the world’s best golf grip, why not make the world’s most custom golf grip as well? As these customization methods were added they grew into their own section of the site called the BestGrips Custom Studio, or Custom Studio. In the Custom Studio you can find our new laser engraver, custom stitch color options and embossing (think 3D impressions) options. These custom options also paved the way for headcovers.

Puttershoes® were our first foray into the headcover market. In the 2013 season, we have added Driver, Fairway and Hybridshoes. Just like the golf grips, the headcovers are made in the USA with Genuine Leather or Better. Also like the grips, the headcovers feature several special designs to set them apart from the competition and feature custom stitch colors, custom laser engraving and custom embroidery.

So what’s the latest at BestGrips? Available for a limited time (June through July) the Star Spangled Headcover family (Drivershoe, Fairwayshoe and Hybridshoe) features our Royal Blue Carbon Fiber Leather, a Red interior, Red finishing stitch, and 50 White stars (25 on the front and 25 on the back).

The best quality, best price and best performance with BestGrips.