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Tour Issue Leather Putter Grip


The Tour Issue Putter Grip is back! In 2015, we launched the GT-L line of Putter Grips and Headcovers with a groundbreaking selection of 12+ colors. This led to the creation of the Tour Issue Leather Putter Grip, which featured an engraved "BestGrips" and sold at a discount, to compensate you for advertising the BestGrips logo.

Today, we're re-launching the concept as a flavor-of-the-month. Each month, we'll feature a different standard leather and a different stitch style and/or color, with the BestGrips Gripping Hand logo lasered at the bottom. This month's Tour Issue Leather Putter Grip: Pink GT-L with Red BestGripStitch. Looking for more color options? Check out the GT-L Putter Grip.