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Team USA Puttershoe

Royal Blue
Nothing gets us in the mood like those annual golf matches that see our star-spangled boys take on the world. It's some of the best golf of the year and even though our record has been spotty in the past, it's always must see TV. The Team USA Puttershoe ® by BestGrips captures that USA! USA! USA! feel with a GT-L red leather and some of the most patriotic embroidery you'll see! But wait! Other headcover sellers see patriotism as a way to mark up and already high price. That's just not the BestGrips way. Our patriotic, "Go USA!," Team USA Puttershoe ® is available for the same price as it's stock equivalent, the GT-L Puttershoe, $55. National pride is a reason to come together and root for your country, not overcharge fans of the red, white, and blue! The Team USA Puttershoe ® features red or royal blue GT-L leather, a patriotic themed star and USA's on the sides. The interior is a baby-grade liner. BestGrips headcovers are made by BestGrips in Texas.

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