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Hand Ground Custom Wedge

Hand Ground Custom Wedge

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Wedge Grind
Wedge Grind

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 All Edel Golf x BestGrips Clubs include a fitting at the BestGrips Performance Center.

    Edel Golf's wedges are hands down the best in the game of golf. Featuring extended grooves, shapes designed to perform around the green and advanced balancing of head, grooves and face, it just doesn't get any better. Unless you combine it with BestGrips! Each Hand Ground Custom Wedge is hand ground at Edel HQ then shipped to us, where we install your choice of BestGrips leather golf grip. Have any questions? Contact us!

    Quick Picks

    • Premium cast from 304 stainless steel for optimal feel.
    • CNC machined face and conforming grooves for optimal spin.
    • Hand ground to appropriate bounce with desired heel, toe and trail relief.
    • Minimal offset.
    • Unique custom stamping available to make the wedge your own.

    About the Grinds

    TRAPPER GRIND - A C-SHAPED Grind with medium bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a shallow to moderate angle of attack with a small divot.

    DRIVER GRIND - A V-SHAPED Grind with medium-high bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a moderate to steep angle of attack with a larger divot.

    DIGGER GRIND - A CHANEL-SHAPED Grind with dual surfaces and high bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a steep angle of attack with a large, deep divot.


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