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Augusta Wrapped Leather Golf Grip

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Our latest addition to the Augusta Collection, is the Augusta Wrapped Leather Golf Grip. Green Classic Leather is wrapped around our club underlast with an option running stitch in yellow. We recommend these for adjustable drivers (smooth) or wedges (stitched).

Playing golf right or left handed will change the way the grip needs to be wrapped, therefore, our Wrapped Golf Grips are hand wrapped to order at your preference. The Classic Wrapped is available in Black, Tan, and Natural and weighs in at 56g. Running stitch, a single stitched line that adds more texture to the grip, is an optional upcharge for $3 and will add 3-4g to the grip weight. The Running Stitch only recommended on wedges or for players that prefere cord grips.

We recommend air installation only as the wrap requires more attention than the stitched grips to avoid displacing the wrap. For care, wipe the leather using a towel damp with hot water as often as desired. Remember to also wipe the cap with Armorall or a similar product to keep caps looking new and protected from debris, but avoid contact with leather.

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