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Leather Golf Grip Aftercare

Congratulations on your BestGrips Putter or Club grip purchase! We’re excited for you to join the family and experience the BestGrips advantage. The following tips will help you get the most out of your grips.

Our leather golf grips are hand stitched onto an underlast. The cap is not a seperate piece. To get the absolute most of your new BestGrips, pay close attention to the base of your bag. Keep it clean from any dirt or debris. Most importantly, make sure to keep the base of the bag smooth and remove any remanats from the manufacturing of the bag. Avoid any kind of contact with the cap and the ground, be it thrown, drug or any other kind of impact.

With our grips in hand, it's easy to see why we chose the name BestGrips. Genuine leather, the key to our grips, is a natural material. As a natural product, leather can withstand the elements and the erosion of time better than any manmade material. Like all natural materials, the performance and lifespan of premium leather can be enhanced and extended with the proper aftercare. So what is the appropriate leather aftercare for each grip?

ProTac Infused Grips

For MicroPerf and Classic grips, remember to never use leather conditioner or soap on your grips. The chemicals will counteract the ProTac in the leather. To keep ProTac infused grips at the top of their game, wipe the grips with a warm water dampened towel once a week, or once a month. This will get any dirt that has accumulated on the grips of and keep the  ProTac active. If the grips get too dirty, use rubbing alcohol instead of hot water.

Other Standard Grips and Carbon Fiber Putter Grips

The Gridiron and Hardcourt Club and Putter Grips and the Major LeaguerRancher and the Carbon Fiber Putter Grips can be cleaned in similar fashions. If the grips are too dirty for hot water, try lightly wiping the grips with rubbing alcohol.

Designer and Exotic Grip

Due to the variations in finishes of exotic and designer grips, please contact us for specific instructions.

Important Leather Golf Grip Aftercare Note

Please do not use any detergents, or any other chemicals, to clean your grips. Do not use any waxes or silicone-based leather treatments as they will seriously restrict the ability of the leather to breathe.

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