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The BestGrips Collection

BestGrips began with the Best Club Grip and Best Pistol and D Putter Grip options. These simple, smooth Genuine Leather golf grips were a perfect starting point to launch a full scale collection of golf products that challenge the industry to improve their offerings and the customer to demand the highest quality from all companies. However, in the last few years, our collection of products has grown to offer one of the most diverse stable of products in both grips and headcovers.

Golf Grips

Your game is unique. Are your grips? While our collection began with just a smooth grip, it has grown to match the demands of the modern golfer. In club grips we offer the smooth Classic, the extra tacky MicroPerf and the chord-without-the-wear Gridiron. For golfers that require an oversized grip without the extra weight we offer the Oversized Club Grip.

Putter Grips offer even an even larger collection. The Major Leaguer provides a smooth, firm-yet-soft putter grip, while the Gridiron offers firm ruggedness. For the golfer wanting the durability of leather but a little different feel, the Carbon Fiber offers the uniquest feel in putter grips. Our Exotic and Designer Putter Grip Collections include grips as unique or as luxurious as you require.

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Covers for the subtle and understated. The foray into Headcovers began with the Puttershoe®, our answer to dime a dozen vinyl covers. This has expanded from plain and patchwork putter covers to the full bag of headcovers, including the Drivershoe, Fairwayshoe and Hybridshoe. With the addition of out embroidery program, we can now customize our headcovers with logos and designs.

Headcovers also create the possibility of matching your grips with your headcovers throughout your bag, a concept original and unique to BestGrips. With the addition of our laser and embossing programs, you can even customize your grips and headcovers the same way throughout your bag. These options are available in the BestGrips Custom Studio.

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More to come

A moment does not pass by where BestGrips is exploring or researching new ideas. Be on the look our for our next addition to the Collection!

A Collection that lives up to the BestGrips name

So how do we create a collection we can call the best? Our only focus is making the absolute best product and living up to our name. When you choose the name BestGrips, you better back it up or you will be laughed out of business. Our products back up our name and more. This was not by luck. This was by design and these designs are groundbreaking and hard to believe, yet true all the same. So what are these differences?

Affordable Luxury

First and foremost, our philosophy that a nice, quality products does not have to cost a small fortune. Yes, at first glance our grips and head covers seem expensive compared to the latest regurgitated rubber offering. However, at further inspection you will realize that our offerings are handmade (averaging over an hour of labor in each product) in the USA and more durable and performance driven than any other product.

Product Driven

Our focus is 100% on our product instead of wasting time on packaging and “get rich quick” deals with big box stores. Utilizing the tools available to us through the internet, we can sell and market directly to the consumer, eliminating distributors and their exponential fees. This allows us to sell bona fide, top shelf products and unrivaled custom options at incredibly affordable prices. It also means that when you buy our products, you are not wasting money on wasteful packaging that will be immediately tossed out.

Family Made

The story of Best Grips is the ultimate David vs. Goliath story in the golf industry. Best Grips is a family owned operation that is committed to manufacturing and customizing products in the U.S., while everyone else is outsourcing overseas. Being family made in the USA is something we take a considerable amount of pride in.

Genuine Products

You simply cannot trust what you buy anymore. Surprisingly, someone will tell you whatever you want to hear/they think you want to hear to make a sell. This unfortunate fact makes selling Genuine Leather and Exotics difficult, especially while others sell plastic and sheepskin as genuine leather. Regardless of what the “pack” is doing, we still believe in a man’s word and maintaining a reputation and will always be committed to selling the highest quality, genuine products you can find.

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