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Best Club Grips

The Best Club Grips, A Bold Claim

The audacity of naming your company the best of anything can be a very daunting approach. With so many bold claims in golf and advertising in general, at first glance it seems to be just another bold claim to grab attention. However, after testing our grips, you'll see why we chose the name BestGrips and that our club grips are a real contender for "best club grips."

The journey of establishing the best club grips began with a simple decision. We decided to go against the grain, and what some of the golf "scientists" (read that as sarcastically as possible) thought was "good for golfers", by taking out taper from the golf grip. While they want more taper added, we realized that the best in the game immediately took the taper out of the grip. The average build up was three wraps of tape under the dominant hand, which happens to be the equivalent of our ProTaper.

With the foundation established, durability became key. Whether you use you clubs or not, those nasty rubbers are always dry rotting. It seems utterly ridiculous to have to replace grips every month! Luckily, genuine leather is much more durable than rubber and can last as long as you want it to.

With the foundation and durability issues solved, now we had the largest hurdle to climb. Since the rise of the rubber grip, the big three have spent unholy amounts of money convincing the general public that leather was slippery and rubber was not. However, no amount of money can cover up the most egregious lie ever told in golf.

It is scientifically impossible for rubber to remain tacky. It is also scientifically possible for leather to remain tacky. Our club grips do just that thanks to ProTac. When moisture meets the ProTac absorbed in the grip, the grip tacks up creating a feeling in golf only found with Best Grips and the best club grips.

Popular opinion suggests that leather fell out of favor with golfers due to performance and durability. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Leather fell out of favor because golf companies needed a cheap, easy to install, readily available grip to go with their mass produced clubs. For the last few decades, countless advertising budgets have been spent reinforcing the idea that the cheaper, less durable, poorer performing alternatives to leather were better. No amount of advertising can change the fact that leather is simply better, especially BestGrips leather.

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