Rancher Leather Putter Grip

Putter Shape

This is leather in its purest form. This is the new Rancher. Updated for Fall 2017 with a softer feel.

The Rancher Leather Putter Grip uses an oiled leather to create a velvety smooth, matte finish. Only slightly firmer than the Major Leaguer, the Rancher combines a wild west look with ready, aim, fire performance. We hand make all of our grips in the USA and the stitch creates a subtle reminder rib capturing the familiar feel of a car’s steering wheel. All BestGrips Putter Grips are available in a pistol shape (strong to medium stroke arc) and a paddle shape (little to no arc).

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Putter Grip Specs

Shape: Pistol and Paddle
Size: Standard
Weight: 60g