Making Of: The Team USA Headcover

Ever wonder how BestGrips makes a Drivershoe? Today, we’re going to take a do it yourself peek inside BestGrips HQ and get a first hand look at how we make a leather headcover. We’ll be walking through the Team USA Headcover process.

The Design

The concept of a US themed headcover is something we’ve dabbled with only a few official times, with the Star Spangled Headcover being to most known. The Team USA Headcover design is a combination of some of the trends we’ve been doing with the stock headcovers. The low and offset number, a stripe and a shape at the top has been one of the sharpest looks we’ve done this year and what better way to show off some patriotism?

As you can see, the original concept was going to include just the basics and U S A. When it came time to digitize the design, however, the idea of adding the U.S. flag to the number and star really stuck. Consequentially, the star, number, and strip all feature a 30* tilt to give the cover that extra bit of feng shui. The final part of the design was the faux stripe which features a college variant style font and stars breaking up the USA’s.

The Leather

The GT-L continues to be our go-to leather for unique projects like this. The color, quality, feel, finish and durability is great for headcovers (and grips!). Now that the actual headcover production has begun, we will cut a piece of leather out of the hide/side and size it for its application. We inspect it for any blems and once it is ready, it will be prepped for embroidery/engraving.

Hooping the Leather

If you’ve spent anytime near and embroidery shop you’ll know that you’re embroidery results are only as good as the job you did hooping the material. That’s where this magical device comes into play! It allows to quickly and accurately hoop the leather in individual places, leading to a much higher quality stitch job. If we can, we always try to single out the area as closely as possible. Yes, its more time consuming, but the results are much much better.

Embroidering the Star

I like to finish off a stitch job with a surrounding stitch. It adds an extra layer of protection and gives the design a sharp edge. For the star, we chose an upper middle portion of the flag that captured stripes and at least three complete stars.

Embroidering the Number

For the number, we chose a left middle portion of the flag that captured at least two complete stars and bold stripes. Like the star, the number also includes a finishing trim. We chose left side for the number to offset the stripe.

Embroidering the Stripe

The stripe was too large for our preferred hoop. So we brought out the big guns to cover the entire surface. You’ll see a lot of companies do the embroidery first, then cut out the cover. I personally detest this method and prefer the one-on-one feel of doing each portion individually, a luxury of not mass-producing your products.

Stitching the Headcover

Now it’s time to stitch the cover up. We’ll begin by stitching the leather portion (outer shell) together. In this step, the front and back are combined. Once the outer side is stitched, we move on to the liner.

Stitching the Liner

In this step we combine both sides of the liner. However, for purposes of finishing the cover, the top is left open. Once this is done, the “Made in USA” tag will be added and the liner will be combined with the leather.

Combing the Layers

The layer are sewn together in this stage. With the two sewn together, the cover is then pulled right side out and the top of the liner is sewn shut.

The Finish Stitch

To give the headcover the final touch, a customizable finishing stitch is added to the cover. This stitch gives the cover a crisp border and keeps the opening flat. The cover is now complete and ready for a quick photoshoot before heading out.

Team USA Headcover

Now that you've seen how we make this special headcover, add some Team USA pride to your bag.

Made from leather. Made in the USA. The only headcover worthy of Team USA.

$55.00 Select options

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