Father’s Day Gift Guide

The BestGrips Father’s Day Gift Guide

It seems every golf company uses Father’s Day as an excuse to peddle their goods to a son or daughter looking for something to give their dad on the one day every year that is dad’s day. This isn’t going to be your typical Father’s Day Gift Guide because, surprise, this isn’t going to be a gift guide. BestGrips isn’t going to hard sell some gifts for dads below (although, a MicroPerf Club Grip or GT-L Headcover would be a great gift), instead we’ll be focusing on some golf and non-golf things you can do with your dad.

Things To Do on Father’s Day

Play an early 18 and watch the US Open – This year’s US Open looks to be quite the challenge. Nothing says “thanks for being my dad, dad,” like 18 holes at his favorite course followed by watching the world’s best break under the pressure of the last 9 at a major. Pair with his favorite adult beverage(s) and snacks for added good times.

Go Fishing and watch the US Open – Completely un-golf related and based 100% on my own dad’s favorite things to do, an impromptu fishing trip (only if your dad likes fishing) is a great way to spend Sunday. Be it on a boat or off a pier, fishing is a great, relaxing way to prepare for the carnage of Sunday afternoon at Oakmont.

Do some grilling and watch the US Open – If your dad is anything like mine, he loves to grill. However, that doesn’t mean he always wants to be the one grilling. Grab some sausages, ground beef, or steaks and show the old man the grilling apprentice is ready to become a master. Then sit down and enjoy the feast with his favorite adult beverage(s) and gorge while watching the US Open. Salad unnecessary, 17 has enough around the green!

You’ve probably realized a theme to the activity guide here. Sunday is Father’s Day and the end of the US Open. No matter what you do, make sure you spend some quality time with your old man and make sure he knows how much he means to you.


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