Everything You Need to Know about the Christmas Leather Collection

In between late night stitching runs to complete Christmas orders this week, BestGrips has secretly put together a red MicroPerf Club Grip just in time for Christmas. Just like our Augusta and Patriotic Club Grips, the Christmas Club Grip will continue a tradition of limited run grips, marking special occasions, without limited edition markups! Red has been our number 1 requested special MicroPerf color and after only a few years, it’s finally here in a shade with an uncanny resemblance to our own logo.

This is what you need to know:

  • The Christmas Club Grip (almost as catchy as Kris Kringle) is a red MicroPerf panel stitched with green thread.
  • Only 100 grips will be available. This is a very small batch.
  • There will be some Putter Grips available upon request.
  • Pricing will be the same as the standard MicroPerf Club Grip
  • The Christmas Club Grip will drop at 00:01 on Christmas Day, right after Christmas Eve ends.

We’re not expecting the grips to sell out at midnight, but it’s unlikely for availability to continue after the morning and into the afternoon/evening. The Christmas Club Grip is handcrafted (dying, protack and stitched) by BestGrips in Texas. Expect delays in shipping during the week between Christmas and New Years with holiday travel and obligations.

Merry Christmas!

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