Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of year again and it’s’s official company policy that spending valuable time with loved ones over Christmas is far more important than giving gifts. However, finding an unexpected special something under the Christmas Tree this December 25th sure can be nice. These are our top four picks this year!

For the golfer that craves performance in all weather conditions:

MicroPerf Club Grip

5 out of 5

Designed for performance, the MicroPerf Club Grip utilized genuine leather cowhide created specifically for golf purposes in-house, by BestGrips. The MicroPerf's name comes from the tiny, uniform perforations covering the leather. The perforations increase surface area, allowing's proprietary ProTack to create even more tack when the grips are exposed to moisture. The MicroPerf Club Grip is the only true all-weather grip available in golf.

$19.00 Buy Now

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For the golfer looking to set their bag apart:

The GT-L Headcover

The head cover is the most underrated and valued product in golf. Wether you're on the course or the range, the head cover is the most valuable piece of real estate in your bag. So why are you giving the major OEMs free advertising? The GT-L Headcover uses some of the best head cover leather on the market and our ground breaking personalization options. Just how ground breaking? We're talking about over 10,00o options to set you covers apart from anyone else in the world!

$55.00 Select options

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Leave Santa something other than cookies:

The Christmas GT-L Puttershoe

This year's limited edition Christmas Puttershoe uses red GT-L leather, a white baby grade liner and white finishing to stitch to create an ensemble Santa is sure to love. The best part? It may be a Christmas Limited Edition, but it lacks the Christmas and Limited Edition mark up. The Merry Christmas GT-L Puttershoe is the same price as a stock GT-L Puttershoe.

$55.00 Buy Now

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A new tradition, a Christmas-must-have from someone else:

The Edel Golf Workbench Putters

Edel Golf’s Workbench Putters are modern takes on classic designs, made on Edel’s workbench in Liberty Hill, Texas. These putters are as pure as it gets and, the best part, they come stock with a BestGrips Custom GT-L Putter Grip in black with white hand-laced stitching. At $450, the value for a USA made, leather gripped, work of art is insane. You’ll find a Swan Beck Mallet under the BestGrips Christmas tree with my name on it! Learn more about the Workbench Putters at Edel Golf.

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