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Wrapped Golf Grips vs Stitched

Posted on June 05, 2016

Written by Zach Sewill
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Wrapped Golf Grips vs. Stitched

The leather golf grip, while certainly not new to the game of golf, is new to the concept of stitching. Traditionally, golfers used wrapped golf grips until recent years. The shortcomings of wrapped golf grips, however, caused them to be replaced with more uniform options.

While a wrapped grip is fine for uses that do not require precision, the game of golf puts too much necessity on the performance of the grip to rely on something as undependable as a wrapped golf grip. As the name suggests, the grip features a wrapped material, usually leather, that winds downs the grip. Despite to fall in popularity of the wrapped grip, some rubber grips still use a pseudo “wrap feel.” Until recently, the only way to use leather on a golf grip was by wrapping the leather. As you know, BestGrips offers a superior solution, to this archaic and compromised method.

This Issue with Wrapped Leather Golf Grips

While the wrapped golf grip captures that classic look, it’s also plagued with peeling that occurs along the edges. Our experience with wrapped grips when we first entered the leather grip business taught us just that. We found that players fingers, when placed near the edge of the wrap, would peel the edge back. Over a few weeks, the peeling would become abundantly noticeable and compromise the grip. This is not good.

The characteristics of a wrapping also limit the surface area of the leather. While it would seem more surface area is exposed, the required work to create a wrap, inhibits the edges’ ability to absorb ProTack. With less leather absorbing ProTack, a wrapped grip just isn’t as tacky as a stitched grip.

Wrapped leather also fails to remain tightly wound, getting looser over time and with use. You can fix this issue by re-wrapping the leather. However, every time you re-wrap the leather, you will be left with a different sized grip. The wrapped golf grip leaves you with a grip that gets worse with use and doesn’t meet its full potential, not something you want in a golf grip, especially a premium golf grip. 

The Hand Stitched Savior

While any leather grip is better than a rubber grip, that doesn’t mean we have to settle for slightly better. The hand stitched golf grip combines only the benefits of leather, with the consistent performance and longevity of a uniform grip. The only downside of the stitched grip is a slight rib created by the seam. However, the rib has a ton of advantages and has been relied on by some of the game’s greatest golfers. 

BestGrips.com has the knowledge to make whatever leather golf grip we want. With a background in chemistry, a decade of hands on leather experience, and all of the equipment essential for leather work, we could make a wrapped golf grip. The only problem, it’s not as good of a grip as a stitched grip. Yes, the stitched grip is more difficult and expensive to produce, but the extra cost and work are worth it for the result. 

The Evolution of the Grip

Leather has played a crucial and dominant part in the game of golf and the golf grip over the years. While leather took a light break at the end of 20th century, it was only for technology to catch up. With the slip-on underlast and the hand stitched method, leather is poised to reclaim its position as the goto golf grip from lesser substitutes. 


Our Flagship Grip

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