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The Most Colorful Grips and Covers in Golf

by Zach January 19, 2018 1 min read

When you think of "small, independent leather golf grip company" you're not really expecting to find an abundance of options. The GT-L line of grips and covers shatters that expectation with an industry leading 16 color options (as of right now). That's right, a tiny leather golf grip company in Texas currently offers the most color options for putter grips and head covers in golf. You probably won't read about this in the news.

The Grand Touring Leather

The inspiration for the GT-L comes from the exotic interiors of supercars and uses a specialized upholstery leather designed for the elements. What better foundation for putter grips and headcovers? Because of it's water and uv resistance, the GT-L simply outperforms all competition in it's class. 

While offering rubber in different colors involved adding said color to the batch, the process in leather is much more difficult. Most colored leathers are simply painted white or light colored leather. That's why other colorful leather golf grips wear so quickly. The GT-L combines a dyed leather with a slight correction on the top grain to maintain consistency, increasing it's durability to wear.

Other colored leathers stop with colored paint. This compromises the ability of the leather to handle moisture because the paint changes the way the leather breathes. The GT-L's waxed finish provides a relief to that and, while not as tacky as the MicroPerf's ProTack, still provides an advantage in all weather conditions. 

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Albert Sewill
Zach - Email Zach

Director of, Inc., single digit handicap golfer, golf club gear head and golf course rater for the Dallas Morning News.

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