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Tacky Golf Grips

by Zach January 27, 2014 3 min read

I recently took the bold step of posting a question on Cinch. My question was simple enough, however, the answers I received were far more telling than I expected. Before I delve into the answer(s), let me address two unfortunate things I came across.

The immediate response was “cheap.” Cheap!? Cheap, is that really what you want for any component of the golf club? Another response was an accusation of being a “troll.” It’s a sad day when a guy (me) whose entire focus in business is to do things the old fashioned way with honesty and integrity is accused of being a troll. Sadly enough, there are just too many people trying to make a quick buck by “trolling.”

Putting that behind us, let’s focus on the answers I got that matter. Can you guess what the top two were? If you answered durability and tackiness, you are right on the mark! The fact that these two rank high is not surprising. After all, these are the top two selling points on almost every single grip available today on the market place.

Before we go on any further, I have to point something out. You won’t believe this at first. In fact, unless you purchased our products in the past, or met me in person, I can fully understand why you will not believe what follows. You see, Best Grips is not an operation focused on just selling you something. If that were the goal, everything would be different. Our goal is make the best product and be a thorn in the side of every single crook that makes their living praying on golfers.

Ok, here goes. We already know that the top two answers when my rather small test group answered durability and tack as the number two qualities when picking a grip. We also know that almost every single grip sold is sold on these two qualities. Now here is where it gets interesting… how can a rubber grip be durable and/or tacky?

Rubber grips begin dry rotting the very moment they are vulcanized. Slowly and surely Father Time begins his slow yet inevitable drain on the health and vitality of a rubber grip. Most manufacturers will eventually admit to you that grips should be replaced after three months, perhaps sooner if you play a lot. Some of the pickier TOUR Pros will switch between tournaments.

Tackiness is my absolute favorite misleading quality claim. If you pay attention to every product release you will often see “Our tackiest grip yet” or “True all-weather performance.” Before I knew about leather grips, I played the latest greatest rubber grips. I never found a rubber grip that didn’t get as slick as a sleazy used car salesman after twenty hits. If I had, I promise you I wouldn’t be hand making leather grips as we speak.

Unfortunately, science is not on the side of these claims. It just isn’t possible to make rubber permanently, or even temporarily tacky. Whatever coating is being used to make them seem tacky rubs off quickly. If this were the case, cars sure wouldn’t be hydroplaning on the roads during a rainstorm!

I’ll get to durability in a later entry, but I will touch base on tackiness today. Believe it or not, I follow a simple rule when it comes to making products, use what you make. If I don’t not use it, I guarantee, it would never be available in my catalog or on my website. Living in Houston, Texas, the sweat capital of America makes me an expert on tacky grips. I play MicroPerf Club Grips!

There is only one company making tacky grips. Coincidentally, that company happens to be Best Grips! Thanks to ProTac, a proprietary blend of synthetic and natural materials that only genuine leather can absorb, our grips are tacky, especially when wet. I know it is a bold claim that is very hard to believe. Rubber companies have spent a billion dollars and several decades convincing you that leather is slick and inferior to rubber. They’ve spent just as long lying to you about their tacky, durable grips that get slippery and disintegrate, as well.

You don’t have to fall for their lies and tricks anymore. Thanks to Best Grips there really are tacky grips that perform! If you still aren’t convinced, ask the guys at Plugged In Golf, or ask your friends. Someone has heard of it near you and will be more than willing to show you the Truth.

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Zach Sewill
Zach - Email Zach

Director of, Inc., single digit handicap golfer, golf club gear head and golf course rater for the Dallas Morning News.

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