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Golf Needs More Richard Sherman Interviews

Posted on January 21, 2014

Written by Zach Sewill
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In case you missed Seattle Seahawks Star CB’s (Richard Sherman) post game interview with Erin Andrews Sunday night, familiarize yourself with this youtube video. To give a little context to this interview, the previous week, San Francisco 49er WR Michael Crabtree made some derogatory remarks about Sherman’s game. This interview occurred immediately after Sherman made a game changing tip that ultimately secured the win for the Seahawks.

While Sherman has taken a considerable amount of criticism for his remarks and I’m sure the league is considering a fine, I greatly appreciate his honestly and candor. Too often the viewer is presented with a rehearsed “stock” response. This robs the viewers of the human element behind the pro-athlete. While these guys are incredibly talented, they still have the same emotions and petty grudges that we normal people experience.

Golf interviews feature some of the worst scripted responses in sports. If you place five large egos in one room, at least two people are going to clash. That’s how egos work. So there is no way you can tell me all 150 TOUR players are best friends. In fact, behind the scenes, there must be several “made for TV” rivalries that would make for compelling story lines.

Now I’m sure you are thinking, “This kind of behavior does not belong in golf. It is a gentleman’s game, after all.” I could not agree more! However, a gentleman can treat his opponent in a polite, respectful way without relying on the same, boring, rehearsed answers. It is more than possible to convey the competitive emotions felt towards your opponent while also respecting the game. It would be a delightful departure from the norm to turn on a post round interview and hear what a player truly thinks about his playing partner, the superintendent and the course designer.

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