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Credibility and Endorsements

by Zach January 11, 2016 2 min read

Credibility, a noun, is the quality of being trusted, convincing and believed in. Credibility is the ultimate goal for any business, especially one trying to make it in golf. However, can credibility be bought?

In the last month, a company relatively new to the golf industry made a big splash in the golfing world by “signing” several professional players to their staff. While this move was expected, it was still surprising. In fact, the parallels between these signings and professional teams signing large name free agents in other sports practically wrote themselves. Some would even say these moves finally leant credibility to the new company.

Credibility? Does buying a billboard, space in a magazine, or a 30 second commercial lend you credibility? Absolutely not. Anyone with a check and a pen can buy these things. That’s exposure. That’s advertising. Credibility and its misinterpretation is what’s wrong with the golf industry, an industry literally walking a tight rope over imminent collapse. For too long consumers have allowed companies to buy credibility.  For even longer, journalists have participated in this farce as well!

Credibility is a result of performance and is earned through the quality of the product. Don’t allow companies to blend the lines between advertising and credibility. Sure, Tour Pro Joe may claim that the “XZ25” driver is the best yet, but check what’s under that new headcover in his bag and take it for a spin yourself. We may live in the Information Age, but sometimes the only information we can rely on is what we find for ourselves.

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Zach Sewill
Zach - Email Zach

Director of, Inc., single digit handicap golfer, golf club gear head and golf course rater for the Dallas Morning News.

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